Gulf of Maine Boats


6/13/16     A new boat is in the works.  It will feature  Carbon Fiber Spars, and all composite trim.  This will be the boat you can leave outside all season with just the occasional rise off.  All craftsmanship will be completed to the same standards as the boats fine in fine woods.

Sailing Magazine has published an article about the Reach Boat in the Launching section of their publication!

This design is now in production!

I was sailing our Reach Boat the other day with my son and his buddy and realized there was a lot of changes I could make to make the boat more fun.  The first thing I noticed was as we were sailing everyone was sort of uncomfortable, either perched on a thwart seat or crammed into the space in between.  What if I made the thwart seats removeable?  Well, OK, but who wants to sit in the bilge?  The solution is to build in a deck high enough for good seating.

The other thing I discovered while sailing with the kids was that they wanted to get wet!  They asked if we could tip the boat over for fun.  I explained that we could and the boat wouldn't sink, but it would be full of water and we would have to bail it out which is sort of hard to do in deep water.  So why not fill this area under the newly raised deck with foam, making the boat un-floodable?  A

little design work later and the floor is designed with an extra 350 lbs bouyancy built in.  This way, with a fully rigged boat loaded with two people will drain it self by just pulling the plug!  The other benefit is now the centerboard trunk can be completely under the floor, making even more open space.

This new design is under development and well be available to be seen at‚Äč the Maine Boats, Homes and Harbor Boat Show in Rockland, ME, August 14-16, 2015.