The Reach Boat is flexible!  The seats are removeable; leave them in place for rowing, but remove one or both while sailing.   This makes for a great place to stretch out and relax.  Be comfortable!

The centerboard is located completely under the deck.  Nothing to get in the way or trip over.  It is controlled via a line that is found on the stern seat.

Classic design and beauty.

We offer any level of fine marlinspike work to suite your tastes, at the owner's request.


This Reach Boat is a direct replica of an original, 100 year old hull.  A true lover of classic small craft carefully stored an original but derelict reach boat for over 20 years.  The hull was beyond rescue, but made a wonderful template for our mold.

Our latest design offers a self draining deck.  It is situated so any water in the boat can be drained by just pulling the plug.  Leave her on the mooring with no worries, just leave the plug out.

Almost all our hardware is custom designed and made specially for the Reach Boat.  

The Mast and spars is hand made from local spruce, and the teak cleats are made in house.  Leather from a local Maine tannery is secured where ever chafe could be a problem.

A waterproof locker is built in at the bow.  The mast step has a drain so it will never fill with water and soak the mast.

The Reach Boat is a traditional inshore boat originally used for fishing the waters of the Gulf of Maine.  These hardy small craft were used to harvest the bounty of the seas year around and in all sea states.  They row, sail, and carry their mariners and cargo with ease.

This classic design has been revived as a pleasure craft.  Her hull is now fabricated of sturdy fiberglass and all wood work is crafted to yacht standards in African Mahogany, Oak, or no maintanance plastics.   Standard lug sailing rig offers lively performance, and all parts of the rig store in the hull when not in use.

Our Design

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